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CHT Bezema: Unique Ideas, Unique Solutions

 Preventing Iron and Manganese oxidation is key to controlling Iron and Manganese  base discolouration in water systems with high levels of dissolved metals across a wide pH range.

CHT IRON SOLUTION, works to safely capture the available metals such as Iron and Manganese, and retain these in solutions so that discolouration of water does not occur and that subsequent precipitation of rust scale is avoided, also the consequent blockage of dripper and pipes is effectively controlled.

Our expertise
With our innovative chemistry concept we can offer solutions for the entire pH range where the focus lays on the deposition inhibition polyvalent metals such as Iron and including alkaline earth metal carbonates, alkaline earth metal sulphates, alkaline earth metal oxalates and silicates.

Customised solutions
With the combination of different Chelating and dispersing components, the performance of our products can be adapted individually to customer demands. A detailed process analysis accompanied by analytical examinations of the process water and of the deposits is the basis for a successful control of water discoloration due to Iron and Manganese.

Mode of action
CHT IRON SOLUTION uses biodegradable chelating agents with synergetic effect of complementing chemistries. As well as chelating the free metal ions, polymers disperse macroscopic crystals and prevent the crystals from agglomerating. The polymers adsorb on submicroscopic crystals and modify their surface. This surface modification leads to amorphous “sludges” which can easily be filtered and rinsed out.














Since the establishment of CHT R. Beitlich GmbH in Tübingen more than 60 years ago, the CHT/BEZEMA Group has developed into a worldwide company group focusing on special chemicals used as function generators, auxiliary materials and additives for industrial processes.

With nearly 2.000 staff members employed by 20 companies, we are very close to our customers on every market. Together with our representatives we provide our products and services in over 120 countries on every continent.

Then as now, the head office and the centres of competence of different business areas are located in the university town of Tübingen. The range of dyes is provided by the sister company BEZEMA AG in Montlingen (Switzerland). The corresponding competence centre is also located there.

By combining the strong points of the entire group we continuously develop innovative products, applications and processes. Highly qualified professionals work at state-of-the-art laboratories in development, analysis and application technology to develop new ideas and solutions to meet the most modern requirements.

Our products help to improve the quality, functionality and performance of textiles, binding materials, dyes, coats, paper and animal feed products, but also cleaning and care products for different fields of application.

To always be a step ahead of the market, to meet and even exceed the expectations of our customers—these are the challenges that we set for ourselves. Continuous innovation, customer-oriented product development and excellent service for our clients – this is the CHT/BEZEMA Group. Yesterday, today and tomorrow.


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