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On-site safety is inextricably linked to a resource company’s overall productivity, and is crucial to the running of cost-efficient, reliable and productive operations. The numerous safety guidelines and standards that Australian operators must conform to have substantially lowered the occurrence of onsite breaches, assisted by companies such as CIGWELD investing in increased research and testing to ensure higher levels of safety features in their equipment.

Cutting and welding in the Resource Sector is one job that puts workers at unavoidable risk. A welder’s job is not an easy one – it can be highly dangerous, especially when coupled with the safety concerns inherent to deep underground mines and remote, harsh locations.

According to the NSW Government Trade and Investment December 2013 Mine Safety Bulletin, the industry continues to record an unacceptable number of electric shock incidents from electric welding activities each year. WorkSafe Victoria also reported that about 1300 workers were injured in welding related incidents in Australia each year.

In order to combat workplace welding and oxy fuel cutting related injuries, CIGWELD have developed technology and safety measures within their products to assist in significantly reducing injuries.


Deadman Switch & Mine Spec Inverters:

Sparked by the mining industry, the need for controlled safety measures and equipment are ever so important. One significant safety feature on CIGWELD’s MineSpec inverters, is the introduction of the Deadman Switch that has been inbuilt in the electrode holder. This initiative provides 2 levels of safety – Firstly ensuring there is ZERO VOLTS at the electrode before you start, then only once you press the trigger switch do you initiate power, the voltage then increases to 8V DC (VRD On) and welding can commence. In 2013 CIGWELD introduced the new range of 130i and 170i inverters, and with these brought out their first MineSpec inverters that were packed full of safety features. The Deadman switch was one of these, but the units also came fitted with a braided reinforced supply lead that virtually eliminates electric shock from a potentially damaged cord, a 15A supply plug that is IP66 rated which screws into place and forms a weather proof seal against damp, dirt and grime, and a heavy duty insulated plastic housing enclosure rated to IP23.

Flashback Arrestors

When welding or cutting with oxy/fuel, it is imperative to understand the safety risks in particular from flashbacks, and the importance of mounting flashback arrestors at both ends of the gas flow (from the regulators and from the blowpipe). Flashback arrestors or FBA’s, include spring-loaded non-return values to protect welders against dangerous reverse gas flow and flash backs.

A flashback is generally caused by the reverse flow of gases upstream into torch or the hoses. An explosion may occur if the flame reaches the hoses causing a rupture or separation of the hose.

This reverse flow is usually the result of :

  1. improper shutdown and/or startup procedures
  2. allowing cylinder pressures to become too low
  3. a check valve that is not working properly.


Conforming to Standards

An example of CIGWELD’s commitment to safety is their recent conformance to AS/NZ ISO 9001 and ISO 5172 for their COMET and CutSkill Blowpipes. These blowpipes and attachments have been built to Australian and New Zealand quality standards and International design standards to provide users with the utmost safety. Combined with the use of the Flashback arrestors, this significantly reduces the risk of injury at any level.


ProPlus Digital Welding Helmets

CIGWELD ProPlus Digital Auto-Darkening Welding Helmets, are top of the range helmets that take safety to another level. Unlike most other welding helmets on the market, the ProPlus range is fully compliant with Australian Standards and the stringent requirements laid out in AS/NZS 1337.1 and AS/NZS 1338.1. They are a high impact helmet offering workers the ultimate protection from environmental hazards, and has exceptional response inbuilt to the 4 sensor auto darkening filter lens to ensure there is no disruption between welding jobs. Move between welding, cutting and grinding without distraction – the helmet reaction time is 1/25,000th of a second. The low amperage TIG rating of 2 amps and above supports even the most subtle welding applications, so you can control the arc while your helmet intelligently controls the visibility. With a digital LED settings display and ergonomic 4 point harness with cushion supports the list goes on… giving you a safe, comfortable and reliable helmet when you need it most.

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