Companies Turn to Technology for Assessments

There have been monumental changes in the ways that companies are able to conduct assessments in the past couple of years.

Companies looking for more cost and time effective ways to assess their employees and external providers, have driven the research and development that has been undertaken by specialist training content developers such as Cell-media & who have in turn brought to the market place fresh and innovative technologies and methods.

With the diversified and global nature of business these days, it’s not surprising that online assessments have become the method of choice of a high percentage of companies over the past few years. Of course the roll out of the National Broadband Network will only serve to heighten the interest in online training


What types of assessments are available?

There are so many different styles to choose from these days, not just the traditional multi choice and/or true and false styles that have been the staples for so many years.

The style of assessment that is adopted should be relevant, challenging and entertaining. The user should enjoy the experience.

Commonly used methods include drops and drags, spot the hazard,  complete the sentence using provided words, match ups, and also scenarios. In recent times, gaming techniques have also become quite popular for certain types of assessments.


Here are some examples:


Scenarios provide a way to challenge the user with everyday situations and are then asked to choose the correct pathway.  Should the user select an incorrect pathway, a voice over explains why they have selected incorrectly. (Positive reinforcement)

Spot the hazard

Our designers build a 2d work place environment, and place a variety of hazards within the environment. The assessment requires the user to select each hazard. They must select all hazards to advance. A voice over will reinforce the nature of the hazard after each successful selection.

Match ups

Match up the hazard with the appropriate piece of equipment to control the hazard from a pool. An example would be dragging some witches hats from the pool to make an area safe.

Complete the sentence

A statement is provided and the user must complete blanks from a word pool by dragging the correct word into the spaces provided.


Tailored gaming solutions can work very well with some assessments. Gaming does take more time to produce so it’s always a good idea to assess the reason why gaming should be used as a means to justify the additional cost.

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