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Mastering dust control with a low volume mist not only saves water and power, it is key to effective and efficient dust suppression for safety, health and the environment.


The typical dust size range from mining activities consists of PM2.5 to PM10 (around 15-40%) and dust size greater than 10 µm comprises around 60% of total emissions. As there is no safe level of dust emissions, exposure to these fine dust particles pose a significant risk to workers’ health, therefore reducing dust is in everyone’s interest.
A-JET® Turbo Fog dust solution is a giant in the misting sector. It’s an industrial system to safely suppress airborne dust particles emitted during mining activities and processes around the work site. Using inert material, only water and no chemicals, alleviates the risk of altering material characteristics while saving on the ongoing cost of additives and their impact on the environment.

Our Expertise

With our innovative technology we can offer solutions for an entire site where the focus lays on inhibiting dust substantially to reduce health risks associated with airborne dust and contain dust migration from site.

CoolMist fogging products provide a significant area coverage, as well as water droplet sizes that match corresponding dust particles, facilitating higher dust containment and reducing water and energy consumption.

A-JET® Turbo Fog Dust Suppression

Targeting breathable and fugitive dust particles from 10 to 300 microns in size the A-JET® is designed for dust control. The A-JET® Turbo Fog dust suppression machine is a robust, powerful cannon that combines an aero-dynamic fan with micro-jet nozzles mounted on individual crowns to create a fog cloud composed of billions of tiny water droplets, which are discharged at a distance between 25 and 60 metres.

The large surface area of micro-droplets binds with the the dust particles, increasing their weight and causing them to fall to the ground. This process allows you to use far less water than conventional spraying systems.

Less Water, Better Dust Suppression

Variable water flow (VFD) allows adjustment to the amount of water discharged from the fog cannon depending on the type and quantity of dust present, and can be customised to use the least amount of water possible.The system can be tailored to outdoor situations involving a high degree of dust to indoor spaces that require suppression of fine dust and where it is important not to saturate the ground.

Automated Dust Control System

The units are fully automatic, versatile and are available either fixed or completely portable. Programmable fan oscillation from 0-320? and adjustable elevation from -15? to +45 ? provides the unit with the versatility to direct the mist spray at the source of the dust to swiftly suppress emitted particles before they can disperse. The fan’s powerful high launch efficiency can cover an area of up to 11,000m² in the absence of wind.

CoolMist Systems Australia can configure the A-JET® Turbo Fog dust suppression machine with various components such as a short column or hydraulic arm, water tank and a generator. The machines can be fixed on a metal or cement base, wall mount, or can be supplied as an autonomous unit on a trailer for ease of location around the site.

Control of the unit can be made at the panel on the unit. The PLC is used to programme the traverse and elevation angles and the work/pause times of the rings. Once the programming is completed, the cannon starts and operates automatically following the programmed settings. Alternatively, optional wireless control is available which can be used by the operator to control all of the settings and adjustments/commands to instantly meet the demands of changing conditions.

All A-JET® dust cannons are equipped with a light in order to illuminate the area onto which the water is atomised at night. The A-JET® Turbo Fog range are available in two versions LP (low pressure system) and HP (high pressure system). CoolMist will recommend the specific system according to the intended use and the dust suppression application required.
The cannons can be used individually in various configurations or with a centralised system to allow for modification of cycles, depending on wind speed and wind direction. IP65 protection is standard on all models. Recently, an ATEX system was added to the high pressure range for use in areas subject to the risk of explosion. It is designed specifically for dust suppression and in particular carbon and sulphur dust.
The capability of the A-JET® Turbo Fog to suppress aero-dispersed dust from a minimum of 50% to 92% offers substantial advantages from better conditions for workers to the neighbouring communities and the environment.

Cool-Mist-LogoFor more information, sales, rentals or demonstration, contact CoolMist on 1300 266 564. Website: www.coolmist.com.au.


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