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Bushman Tanks is an Australian owned and operated business which was originally founded in 1989. They have been the experts in providing quality tanks for mining, industrial, commercial, rural and residential applications since the start of their business. They are experts in the manufacture of tanks with a particular emphasis on the poly tank industry, and steel liner tanks, offering products and servicing customers across the commercial, industrial, rural, residential and industrial sectors. Today, Bushman Industrial is one of Australia’s leading manufacturers of water, chemical and industrial storage solutions.  The experience with complex industrial storage tanks reflects Bushmans’ understanding of the critical need the mining industry has of water treatment and storage of chemicals.

Manufacturing quality tanks for over two decades, Bushmans have been focused on investing into the research and development of its products to guarantee they meet the demands of customers across the industry; mining and farmers and regional and city residents. Their tanks are computer designed using FEA engineering systems and the internal quality checking processes are methodical and strict. Their factories are quality accredited to manufacture tanks to the AS4766 quality standard. Bushmans poly tanks are made in one piece using Bushmans own raw material Sunsmart ® polyethylene which is intended specifically for the harsh Australian climate and suitable for the storage of an array of chemicals.

suntough-smallThe tanks are built with durability in mind. Quality is crucial and Chris Glenn, Managing Director of Bushman Industrial says “one of the strengths of our tanks is that we make all our tanks in one piece. Structural integrity is pivotal.” “There is a pierce focus on the quality of the product not only in design but also in terms of manufacture.” The complete range of Bushmans Industrial tanks are accompanied with a 5-year guarantee.

Bushmans Industrial offers tank solutions for water storage and water treatment. In the industry setting, excessive storm water from sealed concrete areas are frequently kept in storage tanks, and is sometimes treated before it is successively released back into the storm water system, to avoid overloading drainage systems. “Anyone in industry – be that a mine site, development business, or manufacturer – has to ensure that any water that they release into the storm water system or back into the environment is clean, and meets various environment protection requirements,” says Chris Glenn, Bushmans Group Managing Director. “The consequences of using incorrect tanks can be spills, which may result in serious penalties and substantial fines,” he said.

Each mining site has different tank and storage conditions and this is where Bushman Industrial are ahead of the competition. “Every Industrial tank needs to be customised for specific sites and requirements with safety continually in focus, says Mr. Glenn.” Bushman Industrial evaluates each site to match the correct tank with the assignment on hand. “We support our customers each step of the way, every phase is important, to ensure that all angles are included in the design”, says Mr. Glenn”. Bushman Industrial work closely with their customers to manufacture and deliver an industrial tank to fit specific site requirements. The tanks are both readily installed and connected with ease.

A Bushman Industrial tank is ideal for industrial water treatment and water storage of large quantities for the mining industry, transport facility and water treatment project alike. Industrial tank capacities range from 720 Litres to 46,400 Litres, with the option of a blank or a fully fitted out plastic tank. Bushman Aqualine range has tanks up to 363, 000 Litres available. These heavy duty tanks are also suited to store a large range of chemicals. Bushman Industrial tanks website offer a chemical resistance chart which mining and industrial customer have found helpful http://www.bushmansindustrialtanks.com.au/information/chemical-compatibility-chart .

Bushman Industrial Tank’s commitment to outstanding customer service is reflected in that they are close to their customers with manufacturing plants and sales support offices in QLD, NSW, VIC and SA. This allows Bushman Industrial to understand the local requirements of the local market. They also have their own delivery fleet and offer an installation and fit out service ensuring that our customers are receiving reliable and dependable customer service.


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