Davyhurst Exploration and Operations Update

Davyhurst Exploration and Operations Update


  • 13 drill holes completed at the Riverina gold deposit, within which visible gold has been intersected
  • Assay results pending for both Riverina and Callion
  • Processing plant achieving prolonged uninterrupted production periods, nearing a stable state


Eastern Goldfields Limited has announced an exploration and operations update for the Davyhurst plant and the Riverina and Callion Deposits located within the Davyhurst Mining Hub, approximately 120 kilometres North West of Kalgoorlie.

Diamond drilling continues with 13 drill holes recently completed for 1,680 metres (HQ3/NQ2) over a 530 metre strike length of the Riverina gold deposit. Within the latest drill holes a one metre true width fresh-rock quartz vein has been intersected with visible gold (RVDD16018 from 70 metres downhole or 62m vertical from surface). This drilling is currently evaluating potential open pit mining targets. This is the first time that visible gold has been identified in drill core at Riverina by Eastern Goldfields. This visible gold may suggest that there are quartz lodes in the resource that contain a significant proportion of coarse gold.

The drill core samples are currently being processed and assembled on site and will be dispatched for assaying when ready. There have been a total of 35 holes for 3,830 metres completed of which 16 holes are in the assay laboratory with approximately 1,630 samples due to be received shortly. The remainder of the samples await dispatch from site.

In addition, at Callion there have been a total of 12 holes completed for 1,096 metres of which 9 holes are in the assay laboratory with approximately 600 samples due to be received shortly.

Executive Chairman Michael Fotios said “We are very pleased with the continued drilling success at Riverina. We remain highly encouraged by the results flowing from this deposit. We are also very proud of our operational team who have come together seamlessly to achieve numerous operational improvements seen within the processing plant over the last week. This all bodes well for the future of the Davyhurst Project.”

Processing Plant Update

Commissioning works continue with the plant now approaching a stable state. From this point, the operation team expects further stabilisation of the plant before commencing the ramp-up of the through-put rate above the current level of 80t/hr. In the last week, the following operational steps have been achieved:

  • Plant now achieving prolonged uninterrupted production periods at an effective operational rate of 80t/hr;
  • Gold-in-circuit (GIC) inventory increasing;
  • Davyhurst team successfully commissioned Anglo American Research Laboratory (AARL) elution circuit. The first carbon strip has been completed with gold successfully recovered from the circuit. This has resulted in the first carbon in pulp (CIP) and gravity gold pour;
  • Davyhurst team working with Process Logic Control (PLC) programmers to optimise the plant functionality, which has resulted in a positive increase in the crushing circuit efficiency that has in turn lead to sustained mill feed rates; and
  • Entire leach circuit now on line and functioning to design specification.



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