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Global technology leader John Ansley joins Commit Works as Chief Operating Officer

Leading mining technology company Commit Works announced today that it has appointed
John Ansley as its new Chief Operating Officer (COO).

Joining Commit Works is a natural progression for Ansley, who has a deep understanding
of the information technology (IT) landscape and a background in chief information officer
(CIO) roles across the mining, logistics and pharmaceuticals industries in Australia, the
United States, South America, Asia Pacific, Europe and South Africa. As Commit Works
COO, he is enthusiastic about the opportunity to work at the leading edge of tech for the
mining industry and beyond, as Commit Works pioneers a new standard in frontline
planning, short interval control and site visualisation.

“Commit Works products solve the ‘last mile’ of technology, from enterprise systems right
down to the tasks within a shift,” Ansley said. “Unlike many IT solutions, Commit Works has
a fast return on investment, with a clear and measurable impact on key elements for
companies – such as employee engagement, improved planning, and increases in
productivity and safety.”

“The Commit Works team is also 100 percent focused on the success of its customers,
which makes it a company I’m keen to work with.”

Ansley’s extensive international experience spans a diverse range of industries, and
includes chief information officer (CIO) roles, advisory roles, business development,
strategic consulting, digital transformation programs, creating new international information
communication technology (ICT) organisations, and developing and managing large project

He joins Commit Works at an exciting time, as the company expands in the wake of a
strategic investment from Jolimont Global Mining Systems (Jolimont), which will accelerate
its growth in Australia and internationally. “The appointment of John Ansley strengthens the
Commit Works team in line with Jolimont’s commitment to the growth of the company.

Having a world class team enables acceleration of the application of the world leading
Commit Works technology, which benefits the industry.” said Lyle Bruce, partner at Jolimont
and newly appointed Commit Works board member.

Andy Greig, Commit Works board member (the former President of Bechtel’s Mining &
Metals Global Business and founder of Brisbane startup incubator, ACAC Innovation) said,“I am delighted John has joined the team. He is a talented executive with a great experience mix for his new role. He and CEO Paul Moynagh will complement each other very well.”

Commit Works CEO Paul Moynagh said that John would be an important asset for the
team: “The breadth of his understanding and expertise will strengthen our business as we
continue to develop our products and our reach.”

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