Major Mining Projects in NSW to be Approved in Half the Time

Premier Mike BairdMajor mining projects in NSW will be up and running in half the time under a new assessment framework announced by the NSW Premier last night.

Speaking at the  NSW Minerals Council’s Industry and Suppliers Awards Dinner, Premier Baird said it was time for New South Wales to lift its game.

“I am tonight drawing a line in the sand on this. NSW must do better and I assure you we will,” the Premier said.

“I commit to halving the assessment times for major projects during the next term of government.”

Under the new planning program, case managers from the Premier’s office will be assigned to individual projects to ensure the assessment process moves swiftly.

“The Planning Minister and I believe these immediate changes alone will deliver time frame savings of about 170 days for major projects,” Baird said.

The current average for major projects approvals is 1000 days.

The NSW Minerals Council applauded  the Premier’s announcement.

“Last night the Premier strongly backed the mining sector in NSW, acknowledging that more needed to be done to provide the right policy settings to keep mining strong,” NSW Minerals Council CEO, Stephen Galilee said today.

“The strong commitment by the Premier to streamline the current planning approvals process and reduce assessment timeframes by half is a welcome sign of support for our industry.”

“Mining families and communities across NSW will warmly welcome the Premier’s strong demonstration of support for their industry. We look forward to working with the Premier and his Government to help deliver these important reforms that will protect and create jobs.”


Reforms to the planning system announced by Planning Minister Goward today are a positive sign that the Premier will deliver on his commitment to halve assessment times for major mining projects in the next term of government.


“The reforms announced today are a good step in the right direction. However, more changes will be needed to ensure the Premier’s commitment to halve assessment timeframes is met.”


“We hope all sides of politics will embrace the changes needed to deliver the Premier’s commitment to halve assessment timeframes. Doing so will be good for the NSW economy, will protect jobs, and provide some comfort for families and communities across NSW that depend on mining projects for their economic future.”


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