Peabody Energy Awarded Excellence Award

The world’s largest private-sector coal company, Peabody Energy, was awarded an Energy and Environment Foundation Global Excellence Award for advancing clean coal technology solutions at the 5th World PetroCoal Congress in New Delhi this week.

Peabody Chairman and CEO Gregory H. Boyce said social and economic advancement with clean energy is the role of leaders the world over.

“India is a prime example of a nation asserting its right to grow and creating energy access for all of its citizens,” Mr Boyce said.

“Clean energy from coal is a major part of the solution and will be essential to achieving that goal.”

Mr Boyce said said the best way to achieve environmental goals and further human development was to accelerate deployment of modern technologies that have a track record of results. He said investment in next generation technology to capture carbon dioxide are necessary to bring solutions to commercial scale.

According to BP’s 2014 Statistical Review of World Energy, coal is projected to overtake oil as the largest source of energy over the next few years.

The World PetroCoal Congress Energy and Environment Foundation Global Excellence Awards were initiated in 2011 to honour excellence, innovation and best practice in the energy and environmental sectors.

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