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Dispute Resolution Centre For Resources Opens in Perth

People concerned about the impact of a resources or energy project in Western Australia can now take their concerns to a new dispute resolution centre just opened in Perth.

Western Australia’s Energy Minister, Mike Nahan, officially opened the Perth Centre for Energy and Resources Arbitration last week.

Dr Nahan said the resources sector was a huge contributor to the WA economy and, “it was important projects were not delayed or halted by costly and time-consuming disputes.”

“While it is not always possible to avoid disputes, we can work to resolve them efficiently and the Perth Centre for Energy and Resources Arbitration will play an important role,” the Minister said.

“Arbitration has many advantages over litigation as a means for settling disputes in the energy and resources sector.

“It is encouraging to see the arbitration centre capitalise on Perth’s substantial industry expertise to deliver an innovative dispute resolution service.

“I wish the centre well in its endeavour to establish Perth as a global centre for energy and resources dispute resolution.”

According to a statement released by the Minister, services provided by the arbitration centre will cover all aspects and stages of resource and energy projects, including exploration (including prospecting and exploration licences and permits); infrastructure supporting energy and resources projects; State Agreements; project feasibility matters involving ventures, investors and financiers; financing and product liability for products used in energy; and resources projects.

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