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Ensham Coal Mine

Coal production predicted to double by 2030

Fossil fuel output is expected to significantly jump by the end of the decade, a report found. Researchers recently predicted that authorities want to produce about 110 per cent more coal and other...

Worksafe coal inspector

Employee prank backfires with work site explosion

One mischievous act violently shattered a work site. Authorities recently investigated why an employee thought it would be funny to blow up his workplace. In August 2022 subcontractor Vuksich and...

Gregory Crinum Coal Mine

Authorities support new coal mining projects

Proposed fossil fuel developments were endorsed by both major political factions. Mineral producers will keep turning the nation into a coal, liquefied natural gas and iron ore powerhouse without...

BMA Australia

Coal price hits $648 a tonne due to energy crisis

One fossil fuel’s value jumped significantly due to escalating tension in Europe. Newcastle coal futures recently soared to US$440 (A$648) a tonne, representing more than a 100 per cent...