Refuse to Fuse with the new Victaulic HDPE pipe-joining system

 Victaulic has launched an innovative mechanical joining solution for high density polyethylene (HDPE) poly pipes. With the launch of Victaulic’s Refuse-to-Fuse™ System, there is now a mechanical joining system for HDPE pipe that matches the performance of fusion.

HDPE is the fastest-growing piping material in mining, commercial and industrial applications, with adoption expected to increase by 5 per cent per year. In response to this trend, Victaulic developed the Refuse-to-Fuse™ System, a Watermark™ Approved mechanical joint for HDPE piping.

This disruptive technology overcomes the harsh weather and strict certification barriers which typically slow down fusing installations across sites in Australia. The solution is set to increase installation efficiencies and decrease cost to Australian businesses in a range of industries and applications.

“While butt fusion and electrofusion were previously accepted as the standard in joining techniques, these methods of installation are frequently delayed or compromised due to the challenging conditions on many Australian sites,” said David Sharkey, Victaulic VP-GM of South Asia Pacific.

Victaulic’s Refuse-to-Fuse™ System meets or exceeds the performance of fused joints, and can be installed up to 10 times faster with common hand tools in any weather condition. The system is the first purpose-designed mechanical alternative to fusion, and can be used to create a continuous, leak-free pipeline.

Specially designed with strength and durability in mind, mechanical couplings with HDPE commonly exceed the pipe’s pressure ratings, allowable tensile load, minimum bend radius and drag-ability.

The solution is also simple to install.

“Mechanical joining eliminates the challenges faced when fusing. Installed simply by tightening two bolts and nuts, no expensive specialty equipment is required and pipe-end preparation is minimal.The lack of specialty equipment and pipe end preparation means that special training or fusion-certified installers aren’t necessary either, allowing skilled tradespeople to work on more demanding areas of the project,” Mr. Sharkey said.

Specifically formulated to meet the Australian water industry’s WaterMark™ standard of excellence, the system can be supplied with a Fusion Bonded Epoxy coated housing,and Xylan™ coated bolts and nuts are to ensure protection against corrosion in underground buried water lines and outdoor lines exposed to the elements. For added durability, the gasket is comprised of EPDM grade rubber formulated specifically for water systems.

“As leaders in the mechanical joining business, we are extremely proud of the Refuse-to-Fuse™ solution. We understand businesses are looking to cut costs through faster, more efficient and affordable processes. We’re excited by the potential operational benefits and savings that can be achieved by switching from fusion to mechanical joining in various projects around the country,” Mr. Sharkey said.

Vicatulic’s mechanical joining products for HDPE include couplings for both plain-end HDPE pipe (63mm – 225mm) and grooved-end HDPE pipe (250mm-1200mm).

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