Tasmanian Iron Ore Mine Approved

Shree MineralsShree Minerals has been given approval to proceed with their controversial iron ore mine at Nelson Bay River in north-western Tasmania by Federal Environment Minister, Mark Butler.

The approval is subject to 30 strict conditions and comes after months of heated protests by local residents, environmental groups and the local Aboriginal community.

Minister Butler said the proposal has been the subject of lengthy community consultation in Northwest Tasmania.

“In considering the grant of an approval, I had regard to the impact such a development might have on “matters of national environmental significance” – in particular, on a number of listed threatened flora and fauna species. I have considered a wide range of comments and advice, including relevant approved conservation advices.”, the Minister said.

“I have imposed conditions that I am confident will protect those species. These conditions include a range of avoidance and mitigation measures that will reduce the likely impacts. Where significant residual impacts remain likely, however, the company must take other action to compensate for the impacts, known as offsets.”

“The most significant conditions regulate the vehicle traffic in and around the site. Those conditions include prohibiting travel to and from the mine site outside daylight hours (except for emergency vehicles), a reduced speed limit, regular clearing of road ways and surrounding verges, and clear signage. I have also imposed a strengthened condition that requires all staff to travel to and from the site on a bus, except where separate approval for use of another vehicle (for operational reasons) is given by my department.”

“I am confident that these conditions will greatly reduce any threat by vehicles to wildlife covered by the Commonwealth legislation, including the Tasmanian Devil.”

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