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Resources 2030 Taskforce can help fuel Australia’s future mining success

The Federal Government’s creation of a Resources 2030 Taskforce to provide advice on its National Resources Statement is a welcome opportunity to forge a coherent and consistent policy framework to underpin the future success of Australia’s world-class mining sector.

Appointing two senior mining industry executives and MCA Directors – BHP’s Mike Henry and Whitehaven’s Paul Flynn – to the Taskforce will ensure the Government’s deliberations have strong input from the mining sector.

The MCA will engage with the Taskforce, including on issues important to the mining sector and regional Australia such as:

  • Delivering a competitive energy policy which reduces costs for Australian families and businesses while ensuring system reliability and reducing emissions
  • Reforming our workplace relations laws to encourage workplace flexibility, innovation and productivity
  • Streamlining major project approvals and environmental regulations while maintaining environmental standards
  • Reducing Australia’s uncompetitive corporate tax rate to help attract the investment needed to further develop our minerals resources.

The Australian mining industry is a world leader – yet if we take this position for granted, productivity and competitiveness will suffer, resulting in fewer jobs and lower living standards in Australia.

The mining sector could perform at its best – generating additional benefits for the economy, the workforce and society – if policy reforms were developed, explained to the community and implemented following the Government’s finalisation of its National Resources Statement by the end of 2018.

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