By electing Steven Marshall as Premier, South Australians have voted for a return to sensible energy policy and a more affordable, reliable energy system. This is welcome news for South Australians and all consumers across the National Electricity Market.
Former Premier Jay Weatherill declared that yesterday’s election would be a “referendum” on his energy policy. After giving South Australians the most expensive and least reliable energy system in the country, Jay Weatherill doubled down on his “big experiment” by proposing a 75 per cent renewable energy target.
South Australians have made their opinion clear and voted emphatically to reject Labor’s energy policy. They have instead supported Steven Marshall’s commitment to the National Energy Guarantee which will result in lower prices and greater reliability as we transition to a lower emissions future.
Now it’s time for Federal Labor to get on board with the National Energy Guarantee.
Two days before the South Australian state election, Labor’s Leader of the Opposition in the Senate Penny Wong said she supported a 75 per cent renewable energy target:
DAVID SPEERS: So, with Jay Weatherill now promising in this campaign to go to a 75 per cent Renewable Energy Target do you think that is a good idea?
PENNY WONG: Yes I do …
Opposition Leader in the Senate Penny Wong, Sky PM Agenda, 15 March 2018
Federal Labor must now acknowledge the failure of South Australia’s energy policies and drop their own reckless 50 per cent renewable energy target and 45 per cent emissions reduction target that they have never costed or come clean with the public as to how it will increase power prices.
The National Energy Guarantee is a unique opportunity to break with the subsidy mentality of the past and adopt a truly technology neutral policy that delivers a more affordable, reliable and sustainable energy system.
The Commonwealth looks forward to working with the Marshall Government and other jurisdictions through the COAG Energy Council to deliver the National Energy Guarantee and the investment certainty the energy sector needs.
Under the National Energy Guarantee, Australian families will be on average $300 a year better off when compared to Bill Shorten’s plan.  Businesses will benefit from a 23 per cent reduction in wholesale costs, allowing them to expand their business, make new investments and create more jobs.
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