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Leaders in corrosion prevention & sealing technology


Denso Australia joins the Australian Made Campaign. Denso (Australia) is a subsidiary of Winn & Coales (Denso) Ltd, a leading manufacturer of anti-corrosion coatings that include Protal liquid epoxies, Denso petrolatum tapes, mastics, primers, bitumen tapes, butyl tapes, hot applied tapes, and a full line of marine pile protection systems.

Denso Australia has for many years been your trusted partner in offering proven long term reliable solutions to your anti-corrosion requirements. Our systems are simple, yet effective, with no better cost effective way available for protecting valuable assets. Denso for more than half a century, has been manufacturing products for above and below-ground works for the Australian and New Zealand market.

Denso’s aim is to provide tailor-made long term corrosion prevention solutions that are both optimally surface tolerant and provide minimum total system protection life costs. Denso’s ability and technical expertise are clearly evident through our extensive project involvement both current and past projects.

Our products have proven to withstand environmental conditions and produce cost effective results in combating corrosion. We are proud to say that 80 per cent of our products are manufactured in Australia.

Denso’s long term vision is to lead the way in providing innovative solutions in preventing corrosion across a wide range of industry sectors.

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