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Valve Services: Rupture Pin Technology – Get The Power Of The Pin

mud slurry

Innovative mud relief valves

People who work with deep well rigs know the immense frustration of mud relief valves going off early, and at times, for no apparent reason.

The Rupture Pin™ Mud and Slurry Drilling Relief Valve is designed to be used where lost productivity due to downtime is a major concern. This valve was created to replace shear, spring, and nitrogen assisted valves, providing far greater accuracy and reliability.

The valve is set to open in milliseconds to relieve excess pressure eliminating fluid impingement on the seat, piston and seal. Fatigue and pulsation do not affect the accuracy of the valve as the pins are designed, using Euler’s Law, to handle spike pressures and still maintain accuracy. The set pressures are available from 500 psi to 10,000 psi.

Our drilling valve line is designed to use the “POCO” pin instead of a traditional pin. This intelligent design allows the user to change the set pressure of the valve by simply changing pins. This is done by affixing pin spacers on each end of the Rupture Pin, while keeping the overall length of the pin assembly constant.

The pin is located outside the valve and is the heart of the operation, acting as the sensor and actuator. Once buckled, one person in under a minute can reset the pin in place without breaking the line. The valves are field repairable and have a stainless steel seat and piston.

Rupture Pin Technologys’ Mud Relief Valve is arguably the most accurate, safest and reliable pressure relief valve on the market today.


Valve Operation

It closes in milliseconds for pressure Isolation.



Valve Operation

It opens in milliseconds to relieve pressure.


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