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Anti fossil fuel demonstrators arrested for locking onto machinery

Frack Free NT activist Justin Tutty
Frack Free NT activist Justin Tutty

Authorities detained protestors who fastened themselves to equipment.

Police recently arrested Justin Tutty for locking onto machinery at Tamboran Resources’ East Arm storage facility.

The anti-fossil fuel activist and two others allegedly climbed a fence near a common user area, which belongs to the Land Development Corporation, about 6am on 28 May 2023.

Tutty then glued his left arm to a steel tube that was attached to a new drilling rig imported from the United States. Images shared on social media show a water tube in his mouth to keep him hydrated while officers slowly removed the locking mechanism.

A fellow Frack Free Northern Territory demonstrator blamed the proponent for accelerating an environmental theory that burning fossil fuels creates carbon dioxide emissions, which can influence long-term weather patterns.

“We are very concerned about climate change, … it is obviously going to get a lot worse and – if we go ahead with fracking the Beetaloo Basin – then it is going to be even worse still,” the man can be heard saying in a Twitter video.

“We have got to do our bit and try to stop the world from being destroyed by crazy fracking companies like Tamboran.”

Supporter Kat revealed some protestors had no idea about whose property they had trespassed on.

“They trespassed to get in. Not 100 per cent sure who owns the land but they scaled a fence at 6am this morning [and] he (Tutty) wants to stay as long as he can,” she said according to News Limited.

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