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Over one hundred & thirty top executives from Australia’s leading Mining, Transport and Agricultural companies attended the launch of Sinopec’s most advanced lubricant range, held at Perth’s 5-Star Westin Hotel.


The launch comprised two activities – the first being the inclusion of a special Technical Workshop in the afternoon where key technical personnel, currently using Sinopec Premium Lubricants in their fleets and equipment, were invited to attend.  Technical representatives from both Sinopec and their Australian distributor, Independent Lubricant Distributors, presented the features and benefits that the new generation, Sinopec Tulux T700 CK-4 formulation delivers over its T600 range of products.


Later in the evening, current and prospective Sinopec Premium Lubricants customers attended the launch spectacular, hosted bytelevision and radiopersonality, Peter Vlahos.Mr Vlahos introducedguest speakers from the Sinopec Group’sManagement and Technicalteam attending from Beijing, China, along with Perth’s Chairman of the China Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Sun Xiaoxuan.


Mr. Kuo Jianchao, Vice General manager of the Sinopec group said “the Sinopec Group is the world’s largest petro-chemical company and is ranked 3rd in the world on Fortune’s Global 500 list of companies in 2017. Contributory to the company’s rising success is its highly skilled engineers and specialists who constantly focus on research and development, resulting inproven advances in modern oil technology – including the aerospace industry for which Sinopec has become renown”.


Take-up growth across the Mining, Transport and Agricultural industries in Australiahas been exceptional, and in partnership with the company’s Australian distributor, International Lubricant Distributors, envisage the growth trend to continue as it shows customers how to future-proof their business – the theme behind a successful Perth Product Launch!

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