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Wave Energy To Power WA Desalination Plant

Wave Energy To Power WA Desalination Plant
Wave Energy To Power WA Desalination Plant

The federal government has awarded a $1.27 million grant to Carnegie Energy to develop wave-powered energy for a desalination plant on Garden Island, south west of Perth.

Described as a ‘world-first’ the project will harness energy created by the force of ocean waves to power pumps used at the desalination plant.

The $31.2million power station is being supported by a $9.9million grant from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency. Carnegie’s grant will assist in the design and development of a seawater intake and brine discharge system, control instrumentation and a hydraulic system interface to enable integration with the traditional desalination facility.

The grant is part of AusIndustry’s $200 million Clean Technology Innovation Program, which is aimed at providing grants to innovative businesses to help them develop new clean technologies.

Special Minister of State, Gary Gray said he was looking forward to future possibilities of the project.

“This world-first process has the potential to reduce the electricity consumption of traditional desalination plants by up to 90 per cent.”

Carnegie Wave Energy Chief Operating Officer, Greg Allen, said the Company’s CETO system deploys fully submerged buoys which are tethered to pump units on the seabed.

“These buoys move with the motion of passing waves, pressurising water that is delivered onshore to drive the hydraulic motor and pumping system for the desalination plants,” Mr Allen explained.

“Together, the wave powered power station and desalination plant on Garden Island will produce power and clean, drinkable water for the Navy. The Garden Island site will enable us to demonstrate the technology to organisations interested in developing wave powered power stations and desalination plants throughout the world.”

Carnegie Wave Energy has an existing partnership with the federal government to supply power to HMAS Stirling through its Wave Energy Project also at Garden Island .

Source: Pump Industry Magazine

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