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Mining giant accelerates ‘safe’ automation

Driverless truck
Driverless truck

A resources multinational will work with new partners to fast-track autonomous mineral production.

Rio Tinto recently approved an initial $14.4 million in funding to make global operations safer and more productive through driverless technology.

The money will help global pre-seed and seed stage start-ups cover the cost of developing and commercialising automation, safe mine operation, decarbonisation and exploration processing technologies.

Each business will complete a four-month accelerator program run by Founders Factory, which has also partnered up with the Western Australian Government and operates in London, Johannesburg, Milan, Berlin, Bratislava, New York and Singapore.

“Our iron ore operations in the Pilbara are among the most technologically advanced in the world. This exciting new partnership gives us the opportunity to build on our innovative legacy to unlock new technologies and help our business find better ways to provide the materials the world needs,” Rio iron ore chief executive Simon Trott said in a public statement.

“Startups can drive further productivity, safety and automation in the mining sector, whilst accelerating the industry’s transition to net zero,” Founders Factory CEO Henry Lane added.

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