Black Duck Seat Covers are made tough to withstand whatever you throw at them

Whether it’s used for work or pleasure our seat covers are built to withstand the most unforgiving conditions while delivering a custom fitted look and feel and the highest safety compliance standards. The harsh conditions, remote locations and varied terrain confronting the Australian mining industry have necessitated the development of durable and safety system compliant canvas seat covers. Black Duck has been servicing the needs of the mining industry across Australia for the last 25 years and understands the important things to consider.

Black Duck provides seat covers for a wide range of applications with an excess of 1500 seat cover patterns available.

Our Seat Covers come in our new Denim and our time proven Canvas materials. Both protect your seats from dirt and grime, are water resistant, UV treated, and durable, yet give you the comfort, style and high return on investment that you are after. Our Airbag Compatible covers are tested and Certified by government approved Australian testers. This ensures that your vehicle still meets its ANCAP rating. Black Duck certified airbag compatible seat covers are available to suit a wide range of vehicles equipped with seat-fitted side airbag safety systems. These seat covers are tested and certified as compatible with these systems, so that the safety of the vehicles’ occupants is not compromised in any way; for greater peace of mind.

Seat covers need to be practical and should never impede your daily work. Black Duck Seat Covers allows access to all the necessities in your daily work by allowing access to all levers and knobs. The strong canvas product is tear resistant and manufactured to mining vehicle standards. Working on mines means a lot of dust gets in your vehicle. Black Duck Seat Covers are made from a dust and waterproof canvas material that protects your seats from the mining environment. Working in a busy mine can mean long hours in the vehicle and hence our covers provide extra comfort with their breathable and comfortable material.

Add protection and resale value to your vehicle with a canvas or denim seat cover.


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