Cleaning Up Your Act

The mining down turn has been read as doom and gloom by most. ThoroughClean Water Blasters has viewed this as a peak opportunity period to help improve pressure cleaner performance, wash bay productivity, resulting measurable cost savings and positive profitability outcomes. While the big mining money was being splashed around, we like many other pressure cleaning companies and businesses cashed in on the easy spending nature that was a product of the mining super cycle. Now the dollars are scarce, our market research has found that a lot more diligent research is being done to fit the right machine to the intended application. The poor machine performance, life cycle and mounting maintenance costs of most brands has been exposed and clients are seeking a greater bang for their buck and rightly so.

So how does this affect you as the customer? As far as ThoroughClean is concerned it means the so called ‘mine spec’ machines that the Spitwaters, Karchers, Aussie Pump, Jetwave , Gerni and Kerrick’s put out, have been put under the microscope and have been found wanting in the performance and life cycle challenge. The cost to maintain these brands over their menial life also needs to be scrutinised. Please don’t get me wrong, all of these brands make good pressure cleaners, just not suited to the high duty cycle nature of the mining industry.

The 6-12 hour daily duty cycle wash bays is the area in which ThoroughClean brain the rest and are happy to be challenged on this point. We believe that you should be able to get 10 years’ service from a machine if it is looked after and maintained. To accurately assess your need and help you invest wisely in your pressure cleaner is one thing, but ThoroughClean’s commitment continues well after you take possession of your ThoroughClean Water Blaster and that’s what makes the difference.

All the major mining companies, contractors, transport companies who have the high duty cycle wash bay requirement should identify the need to be more selective with their investments in pressure cleaning equipment and speak with Paul Smart and Hayden Thorley from ThoroughClean as a part of your selection process.

Case Study 1

A Glencore mine in Qld had 5 Spitwater machines on rotation in the heavy vehicle wash bay so they always had a spare on hand when the others broke down. The ongoing maintenance cost were horrendous. ThoroughClean then took the sites key stakeholders through a carefully devised plan that would see the business invest significantly more money in a set up that would ensure higher performance, staff and asset productivity and have a measureable return on investment. Projected bottom cost savings put forward to management was in access of $100k in the first year and pay back on the initial investment was four months. Better safety and environmental outcomes also achieved.

Case Study 2

Yancoal in the Hunter Valley as all mines have, looked at cost reductions throughout the site and the wash down costs in the pit was on the radar. Via one of the sites very successful vendors, ThoroughClean was asked to assist by designing and building a trailer package suitable to endure a life in the pit with 8-12 hour daily duty cycles that meet MDG15, MDG41, AS/NZS 3000, 3007, 4871 standards. A tall order, however the outcome with a lot of great team work between ThoroughClean and site stakeholders was a tremendous one. Again the importance of being able to measure the return on investment is critical for the sites management to be sure the heavy initial investment works and pays off.


It’s time the pressure cleaning industry cleaned its act up and started producing ROI opportunities for the market. Performance, machine life cycle and whole of life costs have to be improved and ThoroughClean Water Blasters have been doing this for years.

We offer free wash bay assessments, which culminate in a recommendation and budget estimates based on your specific requirement.

For more information on both of these project outcomes please contact Paul Smart and Hayden Thorley at ThoroughClean Water Blasters on –

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