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Hardy Spicer: B.O.P. Safety In The Oilfield

Hardy Spicer

Oil and Gas products require compliancy with relevant ISO and API standards and specifications, along with compliance of quality control procedures. A focal point of Hardy Spicer has been taking pride in providing quality engineered products, and understands that customers demand the best quality products and services from their suppliers. Hardy Spicer has worked hard to not only meet, but to exceed those expectations. Our business is driven by an integrated quality management system and has been certified in accordance with the AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008, with a strong focus on providing high quality, safe products to the oil and gas industry.

Hardy Spicer believes safety is everyone’s business. Safety awareness and safe work practice is our number one priority. The Hardy Spicer team is equipped with taking personal ownership of their safety and the safety of others. Our goal is to keep our people and the environments in which they work, safe and healthy. Hardy Spicer has put in place policies and procedures to ensure that all staff adhere to proper safe work practice and understand safety is a long term commitment on everyone’s part.

As the Oil & Gas industry continues to improve safety in field operations Hardy Spicer is finding the additional demand for products to comply with API16D standards. API16D relates to specific design around Blow Out Prevention products and to a Lloyds Register Fire Test 1000/499 specification, requiring the product to withstand and resist exposure to a temperature of 700° degrees while holding and maintaining working pressure of 5000 PSI for a minimum duration of 5 minutes. Successful products that meet and achieve the requirements of both specifications are issued with a letter of Compliance from Lloyds Register.

Hardy Spicer offer and supply API16D products that have been designed, built, and tested to meet API16D specifications and Lloyd’s fire test.

Our range of Blow Out Preventer hoses and our couplers have undergone this testing and are supplied with API16D / Lloyds Register Fire Test compliance documents. This provides our clients with peace of mind and assurance they are receiving products that are designed to work in the explosive and volatile scope of the BOP environment, keeping employees safe in the field.

Hardy Spicer offers two styles of BOP Hoses depending on individual customer requirements. The traditional Stainless steel armour covered BOP hose and new BOP hose designs not requiring the outer stainless armour that allow for improved flexibility, reduced assembly weight and more cost effective to the buyer. Both of these styles comply and meet API16D specifications.

The new fire retardant hose assemblies, do away with the heavy stainless steel cover and in return offer a hose which meets the same requirements and provides improved handling and routing. These hoses are available from ¼” up to 2” I.D and available with a variety of end connections making customised assemblies more readily available.

Our BOP couplers are available in 1”, 1 ¼” and 1 ½” with NPT threads. BSP available in selected sizes only. These couplers are designed to be screwed together under pressure and work at pressures of 5000 psi or greater. Hardy Spicer offer custom solutions tailored to individual needs for oil & gas requirements, procuring specialised Industrial and API products for various applications.

The Brisbane location provides efficient, reliable turnaround and delivery options.

  • API 7K – High Pressure Mud and Cement Hoses.
  • API 16D – B.O.P. Hydraulic Control Hoses.

With numerous hose sizes applications and standard variables available, it is important to install the correct and safest product for your application. Hardy Spicer has the product and experience to assist you in the selection from a high pressure hose assembly to a specific low pressure industrial fracking hose or a customised hammer union design solution, Hardy Spicer can assist to provide a quality product and professional service tailored to meet your individual requirements.

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