Pit Maintenance Challenges Made Easier

While all of the headlines and noise is being made around Clive Palmer, Adani, Roy Hill and commodity prices etc, the life blood of a mine operation in production and maintenance continues to strive for greater performance with small budgets and ailing equipment. Pressure cleaners are an integral part of day to day operations and it’s time for a new though process to produce better more efficient results.

ThoroughClean Water Blasters are the Return On Investment Kings when it comes to manufacturing pressure cleaning equipment suitable for on-site wash bay and pit wash down requirements. Pressure Cleaning contractors, while offering a great service, have been grazing in a very green paddock during the mining super cycle, however now their services and costs are being scrutinised and sites are looking to invest in their own equipment and people for maintenance wash downs.

Rio Tinto Innovation general manager Andrew shook hit the nail on the head when he stated in April’s Mining Monthly around vehicle automation – “When companies make an investment they look for a return. So one of the difficulties we have with working collaboratively is justifying in terms of ‘what do we get’.”

Whether it be a CAT 997 dump truck or a pressure cleaner the same questions and answers are required and we are millions of dollars apart in investment terms.

The key criteria that ThoroughClean work through during stakeholder collaboration is, what is the performance expectation required, will it perform to expectation in a mining environment, what is the whole of life projected cost, what is the return on investment against external contractor costs.

ThoroughClean MaintenanceGlencore George Fisher Mine, Yancoal Moolarben Coal and Yarrabee Coal, Newcrest Lihir Gold Mine are a few mine sites that have led the way in improving wash bay and pit wash down efficiencies by investing in their own equipment and people to improve performance, productivity and profitability.
It’s really quite simple in the big scheme of things, having the experience to assess the client’s needs properly, the ability and facilities to manufacture to the client’s specific requirement, deliver a quality product, work with the sites stakeholders around educating and training personnel effectively and the back up to support whole of life value.

Call Hayden Thorley and Paul Smart at ThoroughClean Water Blasters to discover how your pressure cleaner can enhance performance, productivity and profitability in your business.

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