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Advitech Group celebrates a 30 year contribution to industry

The Advitech Group is celebrating its 30th year, delivering science, technology, engineering, mathematics and manufacturing (STEM&M) solutions to industry – locally, nationally and internationally. Supporting clients with the planning and development of next generation technologies, has meant significant advancements in safety, environmental management and productivity outcomes for business.

Driving technical innovation and excellence across mining, manufacturing, construction, infrastructure, government and the arts, The Group’s work has been instrumental in reducing workplace risk and safety incidents.“It’s remarkable how much has changed since 1988, we are very proud of the risk and safety work we have done for clients, potentially saving lives, reducing production downtime and minimising financial loss for business,” Advitech Group Executive Chairman Larry Platt said.

With its beginnings in servicing local heavy industry, The Group is now a collective of five complementary businesses -Advitech, Acubis, Hushpak, Novecom, and Simulation Modelling Services (SMS).  The businesses offer clients a breadth of expertise across consulting engineering, safety and risk assessments, environmental consulting, sensor-based data management, remote communication systems, noise control systems and simulation modelling technologies.

“We decided to move beyond being strictly consulting, expanding sideways and vertically to include broader technical services and the manufacturing of niche products in complementary markets and the Advitech Group was born,” said Mr Platt.

The Group attributes its success to a client driven business model, “It was once sufficient to simply create and deliver a product,” Mr Platt explained.“We talk to our customers, understandtheir needs and challenges, then customise a solution – manufacture it, install it, maintain it and analyse the data output. Over time our customers have started to demand more of an end-to-end service and we’ve adapted and expanded to provide exactly that.” The Group’s team of specialists are focused on designing systems and technologies that are agile, adaptive and respond to client and industry needs.

The Advitech Group continues to explore better ways of thinking and doing, providing the technical skills and resources required to make Australia the smarter country.

Mr Platt is also focused on making Newcastle the smarter city. In 2017, he was appointed to the City of Newcastle’s Smart and Innovative Cities Committee to help enhance Newcastle’s strategic local and global position.

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