Anglo American welcomes NSW Government decision to renew exploration license at Drayton South

Anglo American supports the NSW Government’s decision to renew the exploration licence (EL5460), permitting potential underground mining operations at Drayton South.
David Diamond, CEO of Anglo American’s Metallurgical Coal business said the decision reflects Anglo American’s long-standing view that Drayton South has significant underground potential.

“This presents an important and significant opportunity for the Hunter Valley community and NSW. Any future mining approval would be subject to the very rigorous NSW Government approval processes.”

“The Underground mining proposal developed by Anglo American delivered a coexistence solution to reduce impacts and disruptions to the community and allows the region to continue to develop and flourish, which the Hunter Valley region has for generations”

Anglo American and Malabar Coal entered into a sale and purchase agreement in April 2017 of Anglo American’s 88.17% interest in Drayton (including Drayton thermal coal and Drayton South project).

This balanced decision is a significant, positive achievement for all stakeholders.

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