Bechtel wins international award for work on Gladstone LNG precinct

QCLNG, Tank roof raise, Curtis Island, QueenslandBechtel has won a CETI Award for the  innovative use of RFID (radio frequency identification) technology on the liquefied natural gas projects Bechtel is building on Curtis Island in Queensland.

The CETI Awards honor individuals and companies that have conducted new and emerging technology implementations and are awarded by Fiatech, an international group dedicated to the global development and adoption of innovative practices and technologies. Bechtel received the award in the Intelligent and Automated Construction Jobsite category.

“This award reflects the ongoing dedication and forward thinking of our teams to find innovative ways to ensure we can deliver complex projects for our customers on time and within budget,” said Mike Lewis, Bechtel’s global manager of construction.

“Our applying RFID technology to the Curtis Island projects is one of the most significant uses of the technology in the history of construction, and we are demonstrating that it can be a real game-changer in materials management.”

Bechtel deployed RFID technology to assist in the tracking and delivery of materials from multiple storage locations to the three project construction sites. The tracking and delivery for the projects presented unique challenges given the vast size of the construction sites and their island location, requiring the materials to be stored on the mainland and transported across a harbor.  The approach enabled automation of work processes typically performed manually and resulted in better than expected efficiencies.


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