Broken Hill mine’s workforce cut by a third

Rasp mine2Thirty-seven Broken Hill miners and 14 contractors have been sacked from CBH Resources’ Rasp mine leases near the New South Wales/South Australian border.

Despite the sackings representing a third of the workforce, CBH Resources told the Barrier Daily Truth that there were no plans to close the zinc, lead and silver mine.

After operations at the mine were suspended in 2008, the mine was subsequently bought by CBH Resources and re-opened in 2012.

The Barrier Daily Truth reported today that, “… employees arriving for work from yesterday morning were told it was now downsizing in response to heavy losses.”

In a statement CBH said Rasp had not performed to expectations in “several key respects” amid a “very difficult” external market environment for zinc producers.

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    Just about to see first of 2 pain clinics , first is on my birthday 2/10 up in Bundy an Anaesthesiologist , more Injections most likely , and Radio Frequency perhaps .

    Then a 200 km drive down to Sunshine Coast and an Appointment with Dr Nash a Rheumatologist for testing and more Injections ?

    Between the 2 I’m hoping for a Surgery type Outcome to get rid of some pain ?

    If it all goes to Plan Larraine wants to move out your way and drag us out there too ? .
    Might do a Crane ticket or dog man course not sure yet we will move to where the work is soon .
    Say hi to Morton for me too eh

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