Contruction Begins on Bald Hill Bauxite Mine in Tasmania

Contruction Begins on Bald Hill Bauxite Mine in Tasmania

Contruction Begins on Bald Hill Bauxite Mine in Tasmania

Australian Bauxite Limited has received approval from Northern Midlands Council to begin construction on their Bald Hill bauxite mine in northern Tasmania.

According to a company statement, work to secure the site for public safety is already underway and construction of ore haulage roads and fences within the mining leases is soon to begin.

Australian Bauxite has agreed with Council that it will conduct remedial work on Macquarie Road and West Street, Campbell Town prior to commencing cartage. This work will be coordinated with Council and commence as soon as possible.

The Company’s Chief Operating Officer, Leon Hawker, said the mineral extraction will contribute toward the economic development of the region in a manner that is compatible with existing environmental, landscape and primary industry

“The final approval by Northern Midlands Council paves the way for Australian Bauxite to commence mining operations on schedule – a credit to all concerned,” Mr Hawker said.

“Our expectation is that 45 direct jobs will be created at the mine, in transport, at Bell Bay Port and in administration as a consequence of the Bald Hill mine. A multiple number of additional indirect jobs will arise as operations expand.

“This is the first new bauxite mine in Australia for over 35 years and will introduce a new bauxite supply into the seaborne bauxite market when the market is strong. This is an exciting time for the company, its shareholders and staff.

“We look forward to continuing and further developing the relationships that have been built in Tasmania.

“ABx can only operate with a strong social licence and however modest our contribution to local jobs, industry and the economy may be, we will make every effort to meet the expectations of our diverse stakeholders.”

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