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Detar – a heavy duty degreaser that sets a new safety standard in removing the heaviest of oily, greasy and bituminous contaminations

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Hammersley Products Australia’s newest innovation, ‘Detar’, promises to bring unrivalled safety and performance to the role of heavy duty degreasers. This new standard in efficiency, safety and environmental care shines a spotlight on the capabilities of Hammersley’s safer, plant based technologies.

For nearly half a century, Hammersley Products Australia has forged an enviable Australian and International reputation for high performance and innovative industrial maintenance products. 

The majority of their research over the last decade has been towards the development of renewable, plant based technologies to replace the flammable, toxic and environmentally unsustainable petroleum hydrocarbon solvents that have been the only choice available in the marketplace – until now.

The introduction of Hammersley’s ‘Detar’ perfectly illustrates the power of this latest breakthrough in technological advancement. ‘Detar’ is a premium heavy duty degreasing concentrate that penetrates the heaviest deposits (including blackjack, tar and asphalt) quickly and efficiently. ‘Detar’ is a plant based formula made from 100% renewable resources containing no petroleum ingredients. 

Hammersley is a 100% Australian owned Company with a proud history of quality, integrity, innovation and environmental focus for almost 50 years. Hammersley is already the preferred supplier of many National and Multi-National Mining Organisations and through their dedicated research and development, have continue to expand their influence.

Brian McLean is a Research Chemist and has been the Director of Technical Services for the Hammersley Group of Companies since its inception in 1972. 

“We’ve always been known for the quality of our products and for the integrity of our business dealings” states McLean.

“Hammersley’s focus has been on Mining and Heavy Industry, dedicating our resources to research and development to improve the products available to the market. We’ve made it our business to know this sector well, with the clear goal of providing the best and safest possible products to the marketplace that are properly suited to the task they are required to perform and always with the environment in mind”

“The development of Detar is a great example of our success in achieving our objectives and goals.”

“Removing heavy contaminants of oils, grease, blackjack and bitumen from heavy machinery and mining equipment requires ingredients that display powerful solvency. This has forever been the domain of extremely hazardous and environmentally damaging, petroleum based chemicals. Up until now there has been no choice. With the mindset that only the harshest of chemicals can actually remove such contaminants successfully, this idea had never been challenged and therefore the significant risks, to both the user and the environment, have continued.”   

McLean continued “Our product, ‘Detar’ could not be more different to these stereotypes.” “We have challenged the theory, proved it wrong and set the benchmark”. 

‘Detar’ is non-flammable, non-toxic and non-hazardous, making it the ideal product for working safely in all conditions. Its fire safety attributes offer extra workplace protection and with its non-fuming properties, make ‘Detar’ safe for continuous contact and for use underground and in confined spaces.

Detar is the perfect solution for all heavy duty, mine site maintenance degreasing. Easy to use for all regular maintenance and powerful enough to efficiently remove heavy bituminous blackjack during shutdown maintenance cleaning. This should be the solvent of choice for the removal of blackjack and heavy grease from draglines and heavy equipment during the shutdown maintenance periods. The historical use of petroleum-based products is dangerous to both the user and the environment and requires careful risk assessments and high-level PPE considerations. 

Detar is non-hazardous negating, to a large extent, many of the complexities of these time consuming requirements. 

“The most satisfying aspect of this development is that there is no compromise in its development. No compromise in performance, safety, duty of care or our environmental philosophies. It will outlast and outperform and it ticks all the boxes.”

  • Performance: Exceptional degreasing & cleaning properties – outstanding penetration allows Detar to seep into the most difficult areas. 
  • Safety: Non-flammable – non-hazardous – non-toxic – safe for underground use, confined spaces and continuous contact. 
  • Environmental: Biodegradable – non-phytotoxic – no environmental impact.

There has been very little change in the chemistry of heavy duty degreasers over the last 50 years and that this was why Hammersley’s new development is such a quantum leap forward.

Brian McClean boasts that “We are very proud of our achievements in the development of Detar. It fits very well into Hammersley’s general philosophy of gentle chemistry, and it is very satisfying to achieve such a generational change in a very widely used but technologically neglected product type.”

“The first thing that users will notice is no petroleum or solvent smell and it just gets better from there.” Detar has already been widely accepted by many companies within mining and support industries. It will increase performance and efficiency and will prove to be a great benefit in an area too long ignored”.

“To use this product is the right choice for any company. It respects the safety and wellbeing of all employees, provides more efficiency in all areas of its use and sets a strong benchmark in environmental responsibility.” 

This is what counts:

  • No petroleum ingredients
  • No solvent smell
  • Powerful solvency
  • Revolutionary new concept
  • 100% plant based technology 
  • Extraordinary performance 
  • Workplace Safe –- non hazardous
  • Non-Flammable 
  • Safe for confined spaces including underground mining
  • Biodegradable 
  • No hazardous environmental emissions 

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