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Employers fast track electric heavy vehicles

Bluvein truck
Bluvein truck

Two multinational companies agreed to quickly roll out eco friendlier trucks across multiple mine sites.

Hitachi Energy and BluVein recently approved a new memorandum of understanding (MoU) to accelerate electrification of heavy haul mining fleets.

The MOU is promised to solve one of the biggest challenges in decarbonising mine operations through combining Hitachi’s advanced power electronics and digital charging technologies with BluVein’s e-rail charging technology. This is touted to deliver electricity “safely and reliably”, and “fast” and flexibly to haul trucks transporting up to 400 metric tons of material.

The technology is claimed to be suitable for both surface and underground operations. Testing will soon begin at BluVein’s new proving grounds in Queensland.

“This MoU supports BluVein’s mission of partnering with a technology leader to deliver a universal dynamic connector that facilitates the removal of fossil fuel from mines and help propel the industry globally to meet its decarbonisation goals,” BluVein CEO James Oliver said in a public statement.

“We are helping the industry move to a more sustainable and responsible future.”

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