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Mining operators reveal ‘miracle baby’ gender

Digger blue chalk
Digger blue chalk

A couple who work at the same resources site recently used machinery to reveal whether they would have a boy or girl.

Operators Chantelle and Louis recently steered a Liebherr 996 digger to dump chalk, representing their newborn’s gender at BHP’s Mining Area C.

The powder was a baby blue indicating the couple who met in 2017 were going to have a boy. Colleagues and supervisors joined them for the special occasion.

“It was a true team effort. There is a family culture here and, when we told our supervisor and general manager, they wanted to help us celebrate and share our joy,” the expecting mother said in a public statement.

The proponent congratulated Chantelle and Louis on their baby, and reiterated its commitment to a “flexible” workplace that offers the “balance” people need at all life stages.

“This includes fostering flexible work arrangements, making it possible for BHP couples like Chantelle and Louis to start a family – even under challenging circumstances,” a spokesperson said.

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