The future of mining is global

A global mining perspective

METS Ignited continues to progress the world-class capability and leadership of the Australian METS sector operating within the global market place.

This year’s GMSG Future Mining Summit was held in Epiroc’s underground test mine site in Stockholm, Sweden – a fitting location for a global focus on the future of mining, defining the industry’s needs, opportunities and road blocks to innovation.

As a lead participant, METS Ignited had an opportunity to contribute towards GMSG’s future direction and review global mining trends informing the future direction of the METS Ignited strategy for the Australian sector.

The two-day summit attracted senior influencers from global METS and mining companies with keynotes from the world’s biggest innovators and disruptors. This included a standout presentation on Google’s approach to machine learning and the impact on the sector, and key discussions on the progress of interoperability.

Steering collaborative innovation

METS Ignited has again met with global innovation expert Dr Erkki Ormala to discuss the operational capability and expertise to come from the European Union and potential formation of an international innovation steering committee to drive global collaboration and opportunity.

Sky high innovation

In addition to attending the GMSG Summit, METS Ignited has had the privilege of visiting world-leading satellite applications company Catapult‘s headquarters in the UK to see first-hand some of the game-changing results coming out of Europe’s innovation ecosystem. This exciting technology sets a high benchmark for Australia’s progression into spatial data innovation.

Learnings from a Supercluster

As the METS Growth Centre progresses a pilot cluster program in the Bowen Basin we continue to look at best practices overseas where clustering is an established practice.

METS Ignited has met with the CEO for the Canadian Centre for Mining Innovation Excellence. Mr Douglas Morrison provided an insightful update into the emerging Canadian Supercluster initiative and in discussion with Ric Gros identified a number of opportunities for future collaboration.

METS Ignited is also progressing discussions exploring potential collaboration opportunities with Carl Weatherell, CEO of the Canadian Mining Innovation Council. With further discussions to take place prior to METS Ignited’s planned attendance at PDAC 2018 Convention in Toronto, Canada.

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