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Gas pipeline link proposed for Bowen Basin

A gas pipeline linking the Bowen Basin gas province and the southeast Queensland gas market has been proposed by Blue Energy.

Blue Energy announced in their quarterly report that they are currently seeking interest from pipeline construction companies to fund the construction of the proposed new link, which is part of the effort to commercialise the company’s gas reserves and resources in the Moranbah area.

“Gas exploration by Blue, Arrow Energy and others in the Moranbah region has delineated a very large gas resource which exceeds the current local demand and, with no direct pipeline connection to either Gladstone or Wallumbilla, this resource currently remains untapped,” the company said.

“Changes in the global corporate landscape for some of the Gladstone LNG Operators mean that the priority of Arrow’s Bowen Basin gas volumes may have been re-assessed, and as such Arrow’s timing to bring its gas to Gladstone also re-assessed.

“Blue sees this as an opportunity to engage with southern gas users, who have been vocal about their inability to secure any long term gas supply in the face of unprecedented gas export demand from Curtis Island.”

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