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Kalgoorlie gold project commences

Excelsior Gold Limited has announced the commencement of open pit mining at it’s Kalgoorlie North Gold Project.

Following the award of the open pit mining contract to Hampton Transport Services Pty Ltd on November 9, Hampton immediately commenced mobilisation of the
earthmoving fleet from Kalgoorlie and initiated clearing of vegetation and removal of topsoil from the Castlereagh open pit area, the first of the open pits to be mined.

The Castlereagh open pit, together with Jackorite, Big Blow South and the large Zoroastrian Central open pit, will provide 1.36 million tonnes of ore grading 2.00g/t Au for treatment at the Paddington Mill over the next 18 months under Excelsior Gold’s initial base case mining plan.

The Base Case production schedule incorporates both open pit and underground mining operations which are capable of supplying ore feed to the Paddington Mill for at least seven years at the contracted throughput rate of 500,000 to 650,000 tonnes per annum under the Ore Treatment agreement with Norton Gold Fields Limited.

With mining now in progress and the operations team in place, the company will be reviewing options to develop additional open pits at Parkerville, Big Blow North and Nerrin Nerrin which are all in close proximity to the Castlereagh operations.

Clearing and construction of the 20 kilometre haul road connecting Excelsior Gold’s open pit deposits to the Paddington Mill is well advanced.

McAleese Resource Pty Ltd were awarded the contract for the haul road construction in late October 2015 and McAleese will also be responsible for haulage of the Excelsior Gold’s ores to the Paddington Mill which will commence in December 2015.

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