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Learning to manage pipeline corrosion

The pipelines that transport the oil, gas, water, sewage, or other utilities that our modern world produces and consumes represent major investments of time and money by industries and governments.

Thousands of kilometres of pipes lie buried beneath our cities and across Australasia. The range of physical, climatic and chemical environments to which these pipes are exposed cause different types of corrosion.

The owners of these high-value assets, as well as the staff operating and maintaining them, must understand the cost implications of ignoring the effects of corrosion. There are many advantages of planning for corrosion control and mitigation, two of which are that the life of an asset can be extended and the maintenance time and costs can be reduced.

The Australasian Corrosion Association (ACA) is once again co-hosting a one-day technical event on pipeline corrosion in Brisbane on Thursday 26 July 2018 with the Australian Pipelines & Gas Association (APGA). The seminar is part of the ACA’s annual technical event program and will discuss the challenges and solutions for preventing corrosion in the pipelines that form vital public and private infrastructure. It has been designed for all industry sectors involved with Pipeline Asset Management including asset owners, project and integrity engineers, operators, inspection and maintenance personnel, contractors, and suppliers.

Sessions will focus on technologies such as materials selection, coatings and cathodic protection used to attain the desired design life of assets. Participants will have the opportunity to share their own case studies, work experiences, best practices, engineering guidelines and failure analysis in a technical exchange open forum, aiming to look at new technologies and methodologies to fill the gaps in these industries. Registration will be available via the events tab at www.apga.org.au from mid-June.

Also taking place in July in Brisbane will be the five-day NACE Pipeline Integrity Management Course. The ACA will present this training between 30 July – 3 August this year. The NACE course provides key training for industry professionals, focussing on the implementation and management of an integrity program for a pipeline system. Topics covered include up-to-date coverage of the various aspects of time-dependent deterioration threats to liquid and gas pipeline systems, interpreting integrity related data, performing overall integrity assessment, calculating and quantifying risk, and making recommendations about risk management issues.

To register, please visit: the Training Tab at www.corrosion.com.au