Minister dismisses appeals on Helena-Aurora Range mining proposal

Environment Minister Stephen Dawson has announced he is dismissing all appeals against the Environmental Protection Authority’s (EPA) assessment on a proposal to mine iron ore in the Helena-Aurora Range, north of Southern Cross.

The Minister’s decision concludes that the EPA’s assessment of the proposal was supported by the available evidence on environmental impacts.

Other relevant decision-making authorities across government will now be consulted to determine whether or not the proposal should be implemented.

Earlier this year, the EPA found that a proposal by Mineral Resources Limited to develop the Jackson 5 and Bungalbin East iron ore deposits within the Helena-Aurora Range was environmentally unacceptable.

The EPA’s report on the Mineral Resources Limited proposal received nine appeals.

These appeals identified a number of objections to the EPA’s report and recommendations, which were investigated independently of the EPA by the Appeals Convenor.

Environment Minister Stephen Dawson said he found the EPA’s assessment to be rigorous and comprehensive.

“I agree with the conclusions of the Appeals Convenor and the reasoning behind those conclusions, and have dismissed the appeals accordingly,” he said.

“This announcement is not a final decision from government. I will now consult with my ministerial colleagues to ensure the social, economic and environmental aspects of this proposal are considered.”

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