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Multiple new cobalt targets at West Pilbara: project update

The first regional scale compilation of geochemical data in this region has identified multiple new high-order cobalt targets across the Artemis tenure.


  • First systematic consolidation of regionalscale geochemical data utilised to identify new, high order cobalt targets. These targets include:
    • Carlow North – Strong cobalt signature (over 600m) north of Carlow Castle, interpreted to relate to an ultramafic sequence.
    • Zac – Strong cobalt signature (over 900m) along faulted contact of ultramafic and Banded Iron Formation (BIF).
    • Fenceline – Strong cobalt signature (over 2,000m) south of Ruth Well on contact of ultramafics with the Sholl Shear Zone.
    • Bel’s PGE – An area of complex cobalt and PGE responses associated with an interpreted fault disrupted mafic/ultramafic intrusive.
    • Purdy’s Reward Road – Zone ofstrong cobalt associated with sheared basalts along the southern margin of the Yannery Granite.
    • Dingo and The Gap Prospects – multi-metal signatures analogous to the Carlow Castle Co-Au-Cu Deposit geochemistry.
    • Targets are being ranked and prioritised for follow up assessment
Other areas such as south-east of Radio Hill and south of Carlow Castle show strong cobalt anomalous responses and will be investigated to ascertain their significance and may be added to the list of targets.

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