Operations Update – Production Resumed at Cliff Head

Production has resumed from the Company’s Cliff Head Oil Field, located approximately 14 kilometres offshore in the Perth Basin, 300 kilometres north of Perth.

The resumption of production occurred after thorough inspections to the Cliff Head Alpha (CHA) platform and approval from the offshore regulator, the National Offshore Petroleum Safety and Environmental Management Authority (NOPSEMA) .

Production was interrupted on Tuesday 24 July 2018 due to a Level 1, low level oil spill.

Triangle’s Managing Director, Mr Rob Towner, said the Board was very pleased to announce production had resumed on Friday 10 August, and that it was business as usual for the Company.

“I would like to thank all employees and our incident management team for their professionalism and conduct when handling the initial incident, liaising with Regulatory Authorities, and bringing the operation back into production,” Mr Towner said.

“It is a credit to everyone in the Company that we have demonstrated the efficiency and capability of our Safety Cases as Registered Operator of the Cliff Head Oil Field.

“We followed the strict policies and procedures in our Oil Pollution Emergency Plan and satisfied safety and environmental requirements. No evidence of hydrocarbons have been sighted in the marine environment or along the shoreline which reaffirmed Triangle’s finding that the vast majority of produced fluid remained in the platform bund.

“Our offshore production platform and onshore Arrowsmith Stabilisation Plant are key pieces of infrastructure in the Perth Basin and we look forward to increasing production through existing and near-field exploration activities and other exploration success in the region,” Mr Towner said.

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