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Panduit challenges the electrical safety status quo in Asia Pacific

Panduit challenges the electrical safety status quo in Asia Pacific with the VeriSafe Absence of Voltage Tester

Panduit introduces industry-first fail-proof, automated electrical safety tester VeriSafe™ that dramatically improves worker productivity and safety.

Panduit Corp., an industry leader in control panel, wire harness and heavy-duty cable management solutions for over 60 years, announced the release of its ground-breaking VeriSafe™ – Absence of Voltage Tester in Asia Pacific markets.
Current procedures for verifying the safe use of electrical panels are subject to human error and time consuming. It is also necessary for an operator wearing a protective suit to first open a panel in an unknown state in order to test it, placing workers at significant risk of injury or death. While voltage indicators can confirm certain known states where an electrical panel is known not to be safe, they do not confirm that a panel is certainly safe from hazards such as residual current.

Panduit’s approach to electrical safety with VeriSafe™ replaces the manual, error-prone and time-consuming process of verifying an electrically safe environment by permanently installing an automated tester on the panel door. This minimizes the risk of workers being exposed to electrical hazards by verifying the absence of voltage even before the equipment is accessed. It also provides workers with a firm confirmation that the panel is safe, as opposed to knowing that common but not all dangers have been tested for. With VeriSafe™, it is now possible to determine an electrically safe environment in a matter of seconds – a fraction of the time compared to hand-held portable test instruments while simplifying testing procedures.

This new approach to verifying equipment is in an electrically safe state is now recognised by the US National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 70E standard. Under NFPA 70E, VeriSafe™ ensures the entire process of verifying absence of voltage is performed in the proper sequence – every time, every test. At the same time, the fail-safe and reliable process performed by VeriSafe™ tests the tester itself, verifies installation, checks for voltage, verifies installation and retests the tester; all automatically performed at the push of a button in sequence – with no human risk of exposure to electrical hazards.

“The failure to conduct a thorough safety test procedure exposes electricians to serious electrical accidents, and this continues to be a leading cause of injury and death among workers,” said Wayne Goodall, Director of Industrial Electrical Business, Asia Pacific, Panduit.

“Business owners in Asia Pacific must take the responsibility of protecting their workers while meeting safety regulations. Panduit’s VeriSafe™ allows them to effectively meet their objectives through risk minimization and improved safety. We aim to transform the way industries across the region conduct verification testing for electrical enclosures. We are bringing about a revolution in safety and productivity for workers, while providing business owners with responsible peace of mind at a low cost,” he continued.

To learn more about the Panduit VeriSafe™ Absence of Voltage Tester, please visit www.panduit.com/verisafe

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