Push To Develop Uranium Industry in SA Receives Support

The South Australian Chamber of Mines and Energy (SACOME) has thrown its support behind a push to develop a uranium industry in that state.

In a statement released today, SACOME said it welcomed the state government’s Royal Commission into the Nuclear Fuel Cycle.

Jason Kuchel, Chief Executive of SACOME said the Commission would ensure public debate remains mature and scientific using up to date information.

“There is currently a boom in nuclear power underway in our neighbouring Asian countries and it is important that South Australians understand the true opportunities on our doorstep,” Mr Kuchel said.

“Countries with high populations have massive energy demands and often a lack of available land to
house the large footprint required by solar and other renewable technologies,” he said.

“When construction, operation and decommissioning costs are taken into account, the cost of
electricity from nuclear is comparable to other low carbon sources and in some cases the cheapest

According to SACOME, the US Department of Energy has found the overall cost of nuclear energy to be comparable to onshore wind and hydro while being cheaper than other renewable options (2014.)

“While the initial capital costs of nuclear are high, the reality is that over a reactor’s lifetime it will
provide cheap, abundant, reliable electricity. This is why Asia is currently investing so heavily into
nuclear power.” Mr Kuchel said.

“With the Japanese government now in the process of restarting their reactors following safety
enhancements, the Megatonnes-to-Megawatts program (which used reclaimed Russian nuclear
warheads) now completed, and hundreds of new and replacement reactors planned globally, the
demand for uranium is set to increase.” Mr Kuchel said.


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