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‘Significantly lighter’ trucks approved

Komatsu 930E hydrogen truck
Komatsu 930E hydrogen truck

A less heavy vehicle has received the nod.

Komatsu and General Motors (GM) recently approved a new hydrogen-powered 930E dump truck.

Existing electric mine vehicles will be converted to run on 2 megawatt HydroTec fuel cell power cubes. The technology comprises of more than 300 fuel cells that deliver a combined 80 kilowatts. This allows trucks to transport nominal payloads of 290.3 tonnes without any emissions.

“Compared to electric vehicle battery packs a HydroTec fuel cell or power cube is significantly lighter, which is a characteristic that is necessary … and beneficial to applications that are aiming to increase range,” the GM Authority website said.

“The only waste produced by such a mechanism is clean water. The process is relatively quiet, especially when compared to a conventional internal combustion engine. This aspect along with the fact that it generates a low heat signature makes it particularly useful.”

Komatsu previously promised to halve global emissions by the year 2030 and achieve carbon neutrality no later than 2050. GM promises to be fully carbon neutral by 2040.

The first prototype is expected to be trialled sometime in the mid-2020s.

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