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Employer starts automating 120 heavy vehicles

MinRes driverless truck
MinRes driverless truck

A diversified resources company introduced driverless trucks to its $2.1 billion development.

Mineral Resources (MinRes) recently delivered the first custom off-road triple road train for autonomous conversion one month ahead of schedule.

Project partner Hexagon AB is responsible for designing and developing what is touted to be the world’s first fully autonomous triple-trailer vehicles at the Onslow Project.

The Kenworth C509 and another 119 prime movers are promised to transport 330 tonnes of product about 150km along a dedicated private haul road, between the Ken’s Bore mine and Port of Ashburton. Ten vehicles will be converted each month before the end of 2024.

Grades will be separated to prevent interaction between both driverless and human-operated vehicles. Testing will be performed at different mine sites across the Yilgarn region.

“Automation brings many benefits including enhancing road safety, increasing operational efficiencies and reducing emissions,” MinRes technology and innovation director David Geraghty said in a public statement.

“We are excited to commence installing the autonomous technology … with the aim to complete a fit out of a truck in just two-to-three days,” Hexagon chief synergy officer autonomous solutions Gordon Dale added.

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