Artemis Resources Limited – update on ASD-2, part of the West Pilbara deep hole drilling program.


  • On the 3 July 2018, ASD-1 was terminated at 1348.5 metres in a dioritegranodiorite.
  • Planning is underway for dispatch of the first 800m of drill hole ASD-1 to the CSIRO for Minalyzer XRF.
  • After CSIRO have completed Minalyzer XRF, the core will then be sent to the GSWA core library for HyLogger scanning and for storage as part of the Western Australian Exploration incentive Scheme (EIS) funding programme.
  • Hole ASD-2 was collared on 25 July 2018 and is currently at 138.9m at 6am 3 August 2018 (Figure 1).
  • As with ASD-1, ASD-2 collared in Tumbiana Formation sediments.
ASD-1 Results

The initial results of ASD-1 have increased the prospectivity of the Balmoral project area for shallower than previously thought mineral targets.

The ASD-1 core is currently being prepared to be sent to CSIRO for the Minalyzer integrated system which is unique, in that it provides high resolution non-destructive XRF analysis with inbuilt QA/QC software, coupled to high resolution core photography with digital structural logging including semi-automatic fracture density analysis and specific gravity.

The Minalyzer XRF work on ASD-01 will be followed by hyperspectral scanning using the HyLogger system developed by the CSIRO to determine the mineralogy of the ASD-1 core using visible and infrared spectroscopy.

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