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Update on Super-Deep Hole in West Pilbara

Artemis Resources Limitedprovides an update on ASD-1, the West Pilbara super-deep diamond drill hole.

  • On the 3rd July 2018, ASD-1 was at a depth of 595 metres and within the Hardey Formation (a series of interbedded sediments and tuffs).
  • At a depth of 644.4 metres the lithology of ASD-1 changed with an intermediate-felsic intrusive (Diorite – Granodiorite) being intersected.
  • The change in geology from Hardey Formation at such a shallow depth was unexpected, with alteration and bleaching and a number of quartz veins being observed.
  • At a depth of 901.6 metres the geology changed again to narrow dolerite dykes intersecting the intermediate-felsic intrusive (DioriteGranodiorite) (Figure 1)
A number of varied intrusion lithologies have now been observed, which is an exciting development. The presence of these intrusive bodies in the basin is supportive of existing mineralisation in the region. The company is encouraged by results to date and will seek to reinterpret the area for further mineralisation as information from this drill hole is received.
Figure 1: Core photo from ASD-1 at circa 900 metres depth.

ASD-1 is planned for a vertical depth of +3,300m and designed to test the many rock sequences in the Pilbara Basin from surface and deep into the basement’s geology. These rock sequences are currently not known, or are interpreted or inferred to exist based on very sparse data that does not explain observed surface mineralisation for Diamonds, Cobalt, Zinc, Lead and Gold.

Drill core from the hole is being moved from the drill site to Artemis’s Radio Hill Operations, located some 43 km to the north, where core is being logged and photographed. The whole core will then be sent to the GSWA’s Perth Core Library for analysis. The current drilling rate has reduced to 25m/shift due to ground hardness.

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