The Minerals Council of Australia Uranium Forum has welcomed the WA Labor government’s confirmation in the parliament that the four approved uranium projects will be allowed to proceed.

This is consistent with the position of WA Labor for several years now, that approved projects will not be impeded.

The uranium industry requires a stable and predictable policy environment to develop successfully.

The uranium industry has already has contributed significantly to WA with over $300 million invested in the state by companies since the ban on uranium was removed.

It is disappointing to see the ban re-instated on newly granted mining leases as there are further potential uranium resources and projects that can follow the four that have been approved.  While market conditions for uranium remain subdued, the prospect of future demand for Australia’s significant uranium resources are strong as nations around the world look to build very low emission baseload power.

With improved market conditions, the approved projects can move into construction and operations wherein they will provide valuable jobs and revenue for communities and the state.

In the long run, these practical benefits will generate momentum for uranium bipartisan policy consistency as we have seen in other Australian jurisdictions.

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