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Workplace safety is the heart of our design because lives matter

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A serious workplace injury or death can change lives forever. That is why at Enware, workforce safety is at the heart of designing and manufacturing our emergency showers and both eye and eye/face washes.

When an accident does happen, every second counts to minimise the impact of a workplace injury and it’s the first response that is so important. 

Different sites, users and hazards might require specific and sometimes customised solutions to meet safety initiatives. There are many choices, finding the right one for your workplace is critical.

Shower, eye wash or both?

Emergency safety showers help rapidly flush contaminants from the body. Eye and eye/face washes offer a softer flush of sensitive eyes and face.  At times, a combination of a shower and eye or eye/face wash is required. 

ET1400 Emergency tank shower

Every second counts in an emergency situation and this inspired the design thinking approach behind the award-winning ET1400 Emergency Tank Shower.

Agile and customisable safety solutions are essential regardless of whether your industry is mining, wastewater treatment, water treatment, manufacturing, processing, energy or logistics.

The ET1400 is designed to give workers an easily deployed permanent or semi-permanent emergency safety shower and eyewash station where suitable infrastructure such as power and water might not be established.  Inspire confidence in your workers with our robust, reliable and highly visible Tank Shower. Your workforce will know that help is right by their side at any site, any day and any time.

In recognition of excellence in design and innovation, the ET1400 Emergency Tank Shower was awarded the prestigious Gold Award – Product Design Commercial and Industrial Category  –  2018 Good Design Awards®. 

We are proud that our design thinking approach, to deliver operational simplicity and smart design features, has been rewarded with this prestigious accolade. 

Judges said it was a “thoughtful design … a no-nonsense safety product that has been brilliantly executed” and a “great example of a company that knows its product category, and has thought of everything.”

Helping to minimise the impact of workplace injuries to people, their families, business and community remains at the heart of Enware design – now, and into the future.

Enware Alarm System

In emergency situations, every second counts. A quick response is paramount, when it comes to minimising the impact of a workplace injury.

Those precious first few seconds really do count … and installing an Enware alarm system is a great way to alert workmates and first aid personnel that an employee is injured and needs urgent assistance. Our extensive range of alarm systems have been designed for hazardous and non-hazardous environments, utilising audio visual and back to base capability.

Enware’s breadth of knowledge and experience in workplace site requirements is reflected in the design and development of alarm systems for emergency showers and eyewashes.

Consider portable eyewashes for extra assurance

In some cases it might be necessary to have a portable eye wash system close by for employees to use until they can reach the emergency shower/eye wash station.

  • The EL483 portable gravity eyewash features 35 litre capacity which provides 15 minutes of flushing fluid at 1.5 litres per minute; an FDA high-density green polyethylene tank, and a fold-down eye wash arm.
  • The EL480 eye wash/body spray is a portable self-contained system. It provides supplementary support to primary emergency eyewash and shower stations. The single aerated outlet can be used to spray the face or body. The tank holds 9 litres of potable water and is pressurised by plant or bottled air.
  • The TOB121 Tobin Pocket EyeWash is a quick and effective way to help flush contaminants from the eye.  With Tobin systems, an eye wash bottle can be within arms’ reach to reduce response time.  Flushing can begin within a few seconds to help minimise the impact to eyes. Various eye wash bottle options are available.

Do you need a customised solution? Enware can help.

Flexibility in adapting to dynamic and complex work environments can require a customised solution for your first response emergency equipment on-site. 

Consider the type of work that takes place. Is it  corrosive, poorly lit or unsecure? Do you need powder coating, extra signage or specific outdoor installation requirements?

Enware has designed and manufactured emergency shower and eyewash systems for over 30 years. Enware’s experience and flexible manufacturing process allows emergency systems to be customised for specific user requirements, hazards and other site requirements.

Enware is passionate about workplace safety. Everyone deserves to go home safe.

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