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ADE Haul Road Friction Measurement

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RoadSafety Training Services (RTS), in partnership with Australian Diversified Engineering (ADE), have pioneered an innovative and adaptable solution that aids in controlling haul road conditions to promote consistent maintenance of transport networks on mine sites. The Mine Road Surface Friction Assessment System was developed in response to a Queensland Department of Employment, Economic Development and Innovation commissioned study which set out to develop a quantitative method of measuring friction supply of mine roads. The technology and processes were already proven, having been used by the local Police and the Department of Transport and Main Roads for sealed roads in Australia.

ADE gives mining operations the tools and frameworks required to maintain the necessary balance between friction supply and demand, while ensuring the appropriate water application calibration is implemented for individual networks. Through understanding the profile of individual haul roads and the network as a whole, the risk of under or over watering roads is reduced and promotes less uncontrolled vehicle movements when travelling within a mine site. 

Friction measurement can be done with a free iPhone app or industry standard measurement tools like the Vericom V-Sense brake meter. With the free iPhone app ‘Friction Plus by ADE’, mining operators can quickly and easily measure friction and in turn provide clear instructions to their road watering operators, road maintenance crews or make informed decisions in the instance of wet weather

The road friction protocol categorises friction values into 4 risk levels and has been developed to facilitate, further develop, and promote safer mine road network traffic management procedures. When used in conjunction, the app and protocol providers miners a quantitative method of measuring friction supply of mine roads which allows the management of risk associated with uncontrolled vehicle movements on unsealed haul road networks and ensures an ideal practice for mining customers who strive for safe and competent haul road operations.

ADE’s ‘Friction Plus by ADE’ app is available on the app store and can be utilised on an iPhone, ideally fit to a stable car phone mount. Related road friction training services is also offered by Australian Diversified Engineering to their national and global customers.

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