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ADE Spray Head Valves

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The ADE Spray head valve are heavy duty, low maintenance and made for mining

An innovative internal spray head design does not use a diaphragm which results in less energy being required to close the valve. The double-acting actuator available in hydraulic on pneumatic variant are designed with a built-in backup spring which is directly attached to the piston to positively open and close the spray head valve. Other spray head valves available on the market normally require water pressure to push against a spring and diaphragm to release water from the valve. The diaphragm design can result in slow spray head opening and closing operation and may require increased hydraulic pressure to overcome water pressure to close the spray head valves. The built-in backup spring design of the ADE Spray head means a higher rated spring can be used to keep the spray head valve closed when the system is turned off, this prevents large water tanks with high head pressure from overcoming the backup spring and causing spray head valves to leak.

The ADE Spray head valve uses a hard wearing rubber seat to provide a quality seal and ensure the spray head does not leak when the valve is closed. Maintenance intervals will vary based on use and water quality, typically every 1000hrs on most coal mining and iron ore mining operations in Australia. Maintenance items are low cost and the spray head seal is very easy to replace.

ADE Spray heads are available in various spray widths and flow rates to suit any site requirement. Common spray heads widths are 4m, 8m and 15m. The spray widths can be reduced by adjusting the spray angle towards the road. For underground mining operations, ADE also has available a low flow half dome misting spray head which is ideal for lightly watering the side walls and roof of a tunnel.

Multiport spray head revolution:

Based on feedback and an immense quantity of data thanks to the ADE Spray Water Truck Spray System, ADE has identified that the high levels of dust experienced by many mines can be resolved by providing adequate water application at speeds of up to 50km/h.

The ADE multiport large spray head has been engineered for use with the ADE Spray water truck spray control system, the spray head valve is sequentially controlled to provide a higher water output as road speeds increase to address the issue of under watering and high fugitive dust emissions. ADE and industry have identified that higher water output is required at speed to ensure effective dust suppression.

ADE Spray head valves are manufactured in house at our facility in Brisbane, QLD. Standard construction is in 6061 aluminium, a heavy duty 316 stainless steel valve body is also available.

The ADE Spray head valves are in use around the world including Africa, Australia, South America, Untied States of America and in the sub-zero conditions found in mining operations in Mongolia.

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